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Hi everyone. My name is Andrew Pang, and I am a license plate collector living in the Washington, DC suburbs. I am member #3877 in the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association (ALPCA). My collecting interests are numerous...I am currently working on runs of all 50 states and Washington, DC. I am also trying to collect one plate for each country. Currently, I have completed only my Presidential Inaugural and Virginia runs. My North Dakota and Texas runs are nearly complete, and the rest of my runs need a lot of work. Above is my newest favorite plate - this beauty is a first-issue Virginia plate, probably a 1907 issue based on the plate number. Please visit my links below for my trade and want lists, as well as photos of my collection. Thanks for stopping by!

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My License Plate Websites

My plates available for sale or trade

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The Roughton Collection
My passenger plate trade list - text version or photo version
My native-American tribal plate trade list - text version or photo version
My non-passenger plate trade list - text version or photo version
My motorcycle plate trade list - text version or photo version
My keychain tag trade list - text version or photo version
My YOM (antique pairs) trade list - text version or photo version
My want list

Archival Sites - lists of all known plates for certain states and years
Virginia porcelain license plate archives
Washington, DC porcelain license plate archives
Maryland porcelain license plate archives

Photos from my collection - PLEASE NOTE, the plates shown in this section are NOT for sale or trade!
Inaugural license plate run (Complete!)
International license plate collection
Diplomatic license plate collection
Photos from my collection
State runs

My other miscellaneous pages
Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)
How I grade my license plates
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